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Individuality is key in the fashion world and “Made by Chubb” is here to present a strong sense of uniqueness. Thanks to Atlanta-Based brand CSTM. Collection Made by Chubb, the story of one’s life journey is presented within each handcrafted piece.

CSTM. is a way of life!

My Story

Darren Stephens aka MadebyChubb is a former music producer, one half of the platinum duo the Key Pusherz which is most known for their production on Young Jeezy’s second album The Inspiration. After music Darren went on to start the custom apparel company Trihst in 2014 and it became a local success in the city of Indianapolis, IN where he is from but that was not enough for him. He ended up traveling around the US from the West Coast to the South to find that same success he had in Indy but that was a journey it self. Over the years he stuck to his craft and perfected to create Made By Chubb.

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